The MBA in Agri business Management at MIT-WPU addresses the pressing global challenge of meeting the increasing food demand. With the world population growing, there is a critical need for skilled experts in Agri Business to manage agricultural enterprises efficiently. This specialised programme prepares individuals to navigate the industry’s complexities, emphasising the acquisition of human resources, capital, technology, and facilities.

By blending theoretical knowledge with practical expertise, the course at MIT-WPU empowers students to identify and implement entrepreneurial strategies within the agricultural sector. Field visits offer hands-on experiences, ensuring graduates are well-equipped to contribute to sustainable Agri business Management in the face of growing food demands.

Why should I study Agri Business? 

Here are few reasons why one should study Agri Business:

  • Study Agri Business to tackle the rising worldwide need for food and be part of a critical solution.
  • Explore various career options in a field with abundant opportunities, from farm management to agri-finance.
  • Dive into a dynamic industry that embraces technology and sustainability, fostering continuous innovation in agriculture.
  • Make a tangible impact on global food security by understanding and contributing to efficient Agri Business practices.
  • Equip yourself with practical skills to navigate the challenges of a changing agricultural landscape and play a vital role in shaping its future.

How is the Agri business Management Course Useful for You?

  • Tackling Food Shortage: Gain skills in Agri business Management to contribute actively to managing global food shortages.
  • Modern Farming Know-How: Learn about the latest modern farming practices, staying ahead in the evolving agricultural landscape.
  • Technological Transformation: Understand and leverage technological and digital advancements shaping the Agri Business sector today.
  • Deep Industry Insight: Acquire comprehensive industry knowledge, making you well-equipped to navigate the complexities of Agri Business.
  • Research Opportunities: Explore research avenues contributing to agricultural practices and sustainability advancements.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving: Increase your problem-solving skills, which are crucial in addressing the diverse challenges the Agri Business industry faces.

Scope of MBA in Agri business Management

The scope of an MBA in Agri business Management is expansive, offering diverse career opportunities such as Agricultural Analysts, where you analyse trends for informed decision-making. Agri Business Officers coordinate and optimise business operations, while Agri business Management Coordinators oversee integrated strategies. As a Farm Manager, you’ll lead agricultural operations, ensuring efficiency.

Engage as a Farm Auditor to ensure compliance and sustainability. Dive into Agriculture Finance Banking, managing financial aspects of farming ventures. Agri business Food Managers handle the entire food supply chain. Contribute as a Crop Producer, cultivating and tending crops. Quality Controllers ensure high standards in agricultural products, showcasing the broad and impactful career avenues in this dynamic field.


What are the main functions of management in Agri business?

Planning, organising, coordinating, directing, and controlling are key functions that ensure efficient Agri Business operations, from production to distribution.

What are the roles of management in Agri business?

Management in Agri business oversees planning, resource allocation, risk management, quality control, and innovation for sustainable agricultural practices and profitability.